Connection to the Internet

How can I find out if my house already has the Internet connection?

We advise you to check technical possibility of the connection with the help of a special form.


How much is it to get connected to the Internet? What tariff packages are there?

We recommend you to learn more about the cost of the connection to the Internet and our tariffs following the link.


What is the term of connection? Is there a possibility of speeded up connection?

The maximum term of connection, necessary for thorough performance of the work on providing a communication line in the subscriber’s house which already has the Internet connection, makes up 7 workdays from the date of concluding the agreement and crediting the account with the required sum of money. The cost of speeded up connection to the Internet is additional 300 hryvnia (within 2-3 workdays).


What shall I do to conclude a communication service agreement?

To conclude the agreement it is necessary to apply at the company’s office at 3/5 Voskresenska str. You should have your own passport, your identification code and money for connection to the Internet (advance payment for the services).


Are there any bonuses, when you get connected to the Technical Centre Radio Systems Ltd. Internet network?

Our subscribers can obtain a reward for advising connection to the Technical Centre Radio Systems Ltd. Internet network.

The reward makes up:
- 10% of the new subscriber’s first payment;
- 4% of all following payments in the course of year.

For this, the name or the personal account number of the subscriber who advised the company should be given while signing a connection agreement with a new subscriber.


Work with the network resources

How can I connect additional computers to the Internet within one housing or office?

To connect an additional computer, a telephone or a tablet etc., subscribers are recommended to use a Wi-Fi router. Subscribers can buy and set up routers by themselves. The setup cost (at the office of Technical Centre Radio Systems Ltd.) of the router bought by a subscriber independently is 50 hryvnia.

The Technical Centre Radio Systems Ltd. company suggests the subscribers installing an already set up router on favorable terms depending on the chosen user charge.


What should I do if a network device is changed?

You should replace the mac-address by a new one in the field Configurations area Personal account (click Install near the field mac-address) or you won’t be able to work in the Internet.


Operations with the Internet

What does the service “Real (public) dynamic/static IP-address” mean?

Every tariff package is provided with a real (public) dynamic IP-address free of charge: it is randomized and with every new connection, it is different.

The service real static IP-address, unlike the previous one, allows to get a static IP-address with the connection to the Internet and remains invariable and assigned to a subscriber.

The service Real static IP-address can be useful in such cases:

  • For work with torrent and other p2p clients (fully-featured operating mode “no limits”, which provides the possibility to get connected with other users who work with limited operating mode).
  • For work with services which have restrictions for simultaneous connection of the users with common IP-address (Rapidshare, Megaupload, System LIGA:LAW (Система ЛІГА:ЗАКОН) etc).
  • To increase security of usage of the electronic payment system (for example, there is a possibility to limit access to the e-wallet at the indicated IP-address).
  • To increase security of usage of the servers and services management system (for example, limited access from the indicated IP-address to certain parts of a web-site).
  • While using applications and protocols which require available subscriber’s public IP-address (static or dynamic). For example, the service can be used for videoconferences, video surveillance or connection through satellite networks.
  • For identification of the subscriber by the IP-address while gaining access to information resources of the corporate computer network.
  • For organization of virtual Web and FTP servers without the use and registration of domain names, etc.


Recommended safety tips so that delinquents couln’t use your access to the Internet:

  • Use a complicated password.
  • Change your password more often.
  • Don’t write your password on a piece of paper and don’t leave it near your computer (especially at enterprises).
  • As any computer network, Wi-Fi-can be a high risk source of an unauthorized access. Besides, it is easier to penetrate into a wireless network than a wired network — you don’t have to get connected to wires, it is enough to be in the signal processing area.
    Any user can set up the home network in several minutes, but without basic knowledge about these technologies and security in the local network, the user can become an easy target for those who want to penetrate into his network. And, if anyone says, he has nothing to hide in his/her computer, that person does not realize that a hacker can use his/her computer for performing attacks, and after that, the user may be visited by the representatives of state authorities and will have to explain for a long time, that he/she has not got the slightest idea of what has happened.
    1. It is necessary to change the access point standard password.
    2. If you are not the provider, you can disable the IP network translation which will help hide your network. And only the person, who knows its name, will be able to find it.
    3. If possible, activate filtration by MAC-addresses. But in fact, even this security measure won’t be a problem for penetration into your network.
    4. Use reliable WPA data scrambling.


Thunderstorm electricity

Any devices that is directly connected to our network with the ethernet-cable may be seriously damaged by the thunderstorm electricity. To prevent this we are strongly recommend to unconnect all network cables from these devices (Wi-Fi router, switch, computer and so on).


Procedure for mutual settlements

How can I pay for the services?

Individuals (natural person) should pay for the Internet services in advance. The settlement period is from the first day of each month.You can pay in one of the following ways:

Payment acceptance outlets for Internet services

Payment acceptance outlets for telephone services


If I don’t use the Internet service for a certain period of time, will I have to pay the subscriber fee for this very period?

Yes, you will be charged the subscriber fee for this period if the service of temporary disconnection is not activated. After the activation of this service, the custom line will be kept for the subscriber for a certain period. Minimum term - 1 month.

The temporary disconnection is possible for the period up to six months. You can automatically order this disconnection in the section Configurations in the field Personal account (the act comes into effect on the next day).
The cost of the service is 6 hryvnia per month. If you want to end the service earlier, you need to call to the user support service.


How can I change the tariff package? How much does it cost? When does the new tariff package come into effect?

You can order the change of the tariff package:

  • In Personal account in the section Service setting
  • if you make an application in the section Applications using Feedback on the web-site or write a letter to;
  • at the office, the service fee makes 10 hryvnia (you must have your ID with you).

Change for the package with the user charge, higher than the previous one is free of charge. The cost of change for the package with a lower user charge figures up 50 hryvnias.

Changes come into effect next day. You have to re-set up the router or re-connect to the Internet. 

Phone numbers of user technical support

619-001 (multichannel)

MTS 1: (066) 936-19-96
MTS 2: (066) 936-45-35

KYIVSTAR 1: (067) 419-59-91